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A collection of articles that have been published by others on the plight of Asian Elephants.

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IEP in the News To Cull or not to Cull?

01-Nov-2013 -- Publisher: Sunday Island

Hence, about 80% of the balance recorded deaths are due to shooting, electrocution, poisoning and accidents. Most of these deaths are slow, agonizing, prolonged and torturous affairs. Particularly, disgusting are the ‘hakka patas’ (an explosive device concealed in fruits) which explodes in an animal’s mouth causing an agonizing death.

IEP in the News In Sri Lanka, the ‘elephant problem’ is a people problem

28-Oct-2013 -- Publisher: Asian Correspondent

Sri Lanka has a complicated relationship with elephants. The completion of the country’s first expressway was recently celebrated by marching a herd of elephants down the new road. Elephants are protected by law in Sri Lanka and revered by both Hindu and Buddhist faiths. But just like in parts of India, where elephants and people metaphorically step on each other’s toes, Sri Lanka also has an “elephant problem”. But let’s be real here – what is often referred to as an elephant problem is really a human problem.

IEP in the News Mulling over culling of elephants in Sri Lanka

26-Oct-2013 -- Publisher: Sunday Island

The culling of elephants in ‘troubled’ spots as a means of resolving the human-elephant conflict in the island. Furthermore, Mr. Desai added that "this method was cost effective and would even have conservation gains such as using funds to conserve other viable elephant populations. It would also bring a quick end to these elephants instead of a slow lingering death which is what actually awaits them or a life time in captivity and death in the end".

IEP in the News Battle to save Sumatra's elephants

25-Oct-2013 -- Publisher: CNN

The conflict between humans and critically endangered Sumatran elephants in Indonesia has been going on for decades, with the elephants on the losing end of the battle.

IEP in the News Elephants to feel at home in Sabah and Terengganu

19-Sep-2013 -- Publisher: The Star

The setting up of the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary (BES) was part of the Sabah government’s conservation strategy under the Elephant Action Plan for 2012-2016, Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said. He said that the BES comes with the state’s initiative to place the Borneo elephants under the totally protected species category under the Wildlife Conservation Enactment.

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