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  • Sex: Female
  • Arrival Date: July 25, 2012

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Anna was the first elephant captured by our team. Although everybody was quite nervous, all went well and we fitted the collar in no time. Anna is still a young elephant, and we are not sure whether she has had already a calf by the time we collared her. Annas family group is with an estimated 10 – 15 animals medium sized

There are several calves and juveniles of all ages in Anna's herd, indicating healthy natural population growth. However, Anna and her herd live in a challenging area for the Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU) to protect them. Their home range overlaps with a variety of different land-use types which create a patchwork of natural forest mixed with production forest, commercial plantations, small-scale farming land and coal mining areas. 


The area does provide excellent feeding grounds in form of secondary forest patches with rich undergrowth, but does not include large connected natural forests. As a consequence of the fragmented habitat, Anna and her herd frequently come into conflicts with people, especially with farmers planting oil palms and other crops which are all very attractive to elephants. Constant monitoring and safeguarding is necessary to protect both Anna and local communities from negative impacts that the overlap of traditional elephant territory and more recent human activities is causing.

How she's grown

  • May 09, 2019

    Our rangers continued to monitor Anna and her family closely, which has been relatively easy as they spent considerable time with Ginting’s herd. They also somtimes joined Cinta and Indah’s ...

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  • Sep 20, 2017

    Anna and her family are safe but still in conflict prone areas. As in the previous monitoring period, Anna spent most of her time with Ginting and Cinta, with all ...

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By adopting Anna today, you are making a symbolic but incredibly powerful gesture. By adopting one elephant, you are helping to safeguard their entire herd. You are supporting them, their kinfolk and their precious calves, and you are actively protecting their jungle habitat against poaching, logging and illegal encroachment. Thank you for helping us protect this critical population of Sumatran Elephants.

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