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Elephants in Sumatra and Laos are facing extinction due to massive habitat destruction. As plantations and fields expand into elephant habitat, their food sources and migration routes are compromised, often resulting in human-elephant conflicts. Elephants can be considered agricultural ‘pests’ due to the damage they cause. Sadly, retaliation killings, often in the form of poisoning, have been a huge problem, especially for elephants in Sumatra.  

The International Elephant Project runs an elephant adoption program to help fund vital elephant protection projects in Sumatra and Laos. You can help keep these magnificent elephants wild and free by joining our elephant adoption family!  Adoption funds go towards the monitoring and protection of elephants in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem in Sumatra and the Nam Pouy National Protected Area in Laos. You can adopt one of our beautiful matriarchs, Anna, Cinta, Freda and Ginting, or our cheeky young male Dor Khoun Meuang.

* tax deductible in the USA only.


By adopting an elephant you are providing:

  • Habitat protection
  • Anti-poaching patrols
  • Elephant monitoring
  • Human-elephant conflict mitigation
  • Ranger training

Our adoption facilities

We need people like you to help us achieve our goals. Join us by adopting, donating and campaigning for action.

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