Rudi Putra

Rudi was born in Seruway, Aceh. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Syiah Kuala University and a Masters in Biology from Bogor Agricultural University. Rudi is the Director of Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL)

Growing up, Rudi was always fascinated by the environment. He lived in Tamiang, a part of Aceh where floods almost always occur during the rainy season as a result of environmental mismanagement and weak policies. Since graduating, Rudi has worked for organisations that focus on protecting the Leuser Ecosystem, a hugely biodiverse ecosystem in Aceh that plays a major role for more than four million people in Aceh and home to many Critically Endangered species including the Sumatran elephant. 

The main aspect of Rudi’s work with FKL is overseeing project management and budget management of the organization. In addition, he also maintains and makes new connections with key government and non government stakeholders as well as donors relating to forest conservation.

Rudi loves being able to show people from around the world the beauty of the Leuser Ecosystem including the spectacular forest and wildlife.