Field Update | Promoting Peace Between Elephants and People

In a world where safeguarding wildlife and natural habitats is vital, individuals committed to conservation stand as beacons of hope. Meet Alex, the International Elephant Project Field Manager, who recently visited with the Way Kambas River Patrol Team and contributed to sustainable farming efforts in rainforest communities.

This blog post explores Alex's field experiences, highlighting challenges faced by local communities and practical solutions to mitigate human-elephant conflicts and promote biodiversity.


Learning from the Wilderness

IEP Field Manager Joins the Way Kambas River Patrol

Exploring Sumatra's Conservation Landscape

Sumatra's abundant forests and diverse wildlife are home to the critically endangered Sumatran elephant. Yet, coexistence with humans often leads to conflicts. A recent report by Yayasan Sumatera Hijau Lestari (SHL) revealed high conflict levels in areas like Bukit Mas and Halaban Villages due to crop raiding. This jeopardizes both community safety and elephant survival.


Alex's Journey with the Way Kambas River Patrol Team

Alex has worked on the ground to train with the Way Kambas River Patrol Team, who are focused on safeguarding the northern and northeastern parts of Way Kambas National Park. Their patrols, spanning motorbike, boat, foot, and car, monitor critical areas to ensure peace between the Critically Endangered elephants and surrounding villages.

The Way Kambas River Patrol were able to unveil local challenges, with hunting, logging, and forest fires posing the greatest threats. The patrol team's dedication was put to the test as they tackled fires, removed snares, and confronted illegal activities.





Cultivating Prosperity: Nurturing Elephant-Friendly Crops

Empowering Communities with Sustainable Farming

At the heart of local communities, Alex and the SHL team are working, through conversations and hands-on action, to introduce different crops that promote greater peace between elephants and people in surrounding communities.

Alex planted crops like lime and palm sugar, deterring elephants while benefiting the local economy. We are pleased to report that the villagers' proactive stance showcases great potential for coexistence.

This practical step helps ease human-elephant conflicts and empowers communities with knowledge and strategies to form natural barriers between their farms and the forest. This approach curbs human-animal conflicts and bolsters villagers economically.

Challenges and Prospects Ahead

As Alex continues learning, Sumatra's conservation confronts new challenges. The upcoming El Niño event (2023-2024) threatens heightened drought and conflict. Innovative strategies and resources are needed to protect ecosystems and communities.

Alex's journey with the Way Kambas River Patrol Team and involvement in sustainable farming give us hope for a future of harmonious coexistence.

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