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Wildlife Ambulance Saves Stranded Elephant - Elephant News Feb 2024

Posted 20 Feb 2024 in Elephant News , Elephant Updates

Our Wildlife Ambulance team, in collaboration with local government, ensured the rescue of a baby calf in Aceh Tengah who ...

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Birth of Sumatran Elephant in Indonesia - Elephant Updates Jan 2024

Posted 22 Jan 2024 in Elephant Updates , News

The birth of a Critically Endangered Sumatran elephant brings renewed optimism and hope to elephant conservation.

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Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions - Elephant News Jan 2024

Posted 02 Jan 2024 in Elephant News

Intact forests play a vital role in tackling the climate crisis by absorbing and storing carbon. Still, there’s uncertainty around ...

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Wildlife Ambulance Chronicles - Elephant News Nov 2023

Posted 29 Nov 2023 in Elephant News

In the vast landscapes of Indonesia, the Wildlife Ambulance is on a mission, thanks to the support of International Elephant ...

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Embracing Eco-Tourism in 2024 - Elephant News Nov 2023

Posted 29 Nov 2023 in Elephant News

Eco tours preserve natural habitats, reduce environmental footprints, fund essential conservation projects, and raise awareness about the importance of protecting ...

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Anna - Nov 2023

Posted 27 Nov 2023 in Anna

Mutiara, which means pearl in the Indonesian language, was collared in February 2019 and is part of Anna’s core family ...

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Freda - Nov 2023

Posted 27 Nov 2023 in Freda

An attempt to recollar Freda was unsuccessful in December 2021, however the Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU managed to ...

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Ginting - Nov 2023

Posted 27 Nov 2023 in Ginting

Ginting and her herd have been keeping our Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU) busy over the last six months.

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Cinta - Nov 2023

Posted 27 Nov 2023 in Cinta

Cinta’s herd has been spending most of their time in our leased concession area (ABT Block 1) in the Bukit ...

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Dor Khoun Meuang - Nov 2023

Posted 23 Nov 2023 in Dor Khoun Meuang

In August, at only eleven years-old, Dor Khoun Mueang went through his first musth.

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