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Freda - Nov 2023

Posted 27 Nov 2023 in Freda

An attempt to recollar Freda was unsuccessful in December 2021, however the Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Units (ECMU managed to ...

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Freda - May 2023

Posted 30 May 2023 in Freda

The Elephant Conservation and Monitoring Unit (ECMU) observed 12-13 individuals in Freda’s herd over the last six months using radio ...

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Freda - Elephant News Nov 2022

Posted 24 Nov 2022 in Elephant News , Freda

Freda’s herd is now being tracked via a GPS collar on another female elephant in the herd named Quin.

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Freda - May 2022

Posted 30 May 2022 in Freda

Freda was collared for the first time in July 2013 and has since been recollared a further three times. The ...

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Freda - Nov 2021

Posted 08 Nov 2021 in Freda

Freda and all four elephant herds in the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem (about 150 elephants) are now located in the newly ...

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Freda - Elephant Updates May 2019

Posted 09 May 2019 in Elephant Updates , Freda

Freda is a perfect example of the saying ‘An elephant never forgets‘. Although she has spent much of her time ...

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